Yom Hashoa – 2009

“Learn the ways of time to come. Know the
past, and you will understand the end.”

As years go by, memories are dropped,
witnesses of the Holocaust, faithful to
the dim-dark past, are less and less.

For the general public it’s a chapter of
history, for survivors it’s very real life,
therein lies the value of our testimony.

Our woeful memories are distressing,
we feel miserable telling our stories,
but we feel an indebtedness to the martyrs.

An obligation to the heroes of the Shoah,
to recall the past is a commemoration to
our families and millions that perished.

We don’t let the Holocaust be forgotten,
the essence of our own survival is to bear
witness, for us every day is Yom Hashoah…

Remembrance of our families is eternal,
we are inflicted by many ailments, amnesia
in not in our vocabulary. We say: Zachor!