Holocaust Memoirs Capture History Through Storytelling

– Release of new memoir series keep stories as relevant today as they
were over 60 years ago –

TORONTO, June 2 /CNW/ – “Now we really knew how desperate our
circumstances were. We could not go back to any civilized place and it was so
cold that we suffered under the immediate and real threat of freezing to
death. We were frightened and desperate, and yet within each of us was a
flicker of purpose, a determination to survive whatever might come.” So writes
Alex Levin in his memoir, Under the Red & Yellow Stars. Remarkable stories
like Levin’s remain as relevant today as they were over half a century ago.
His memoir is one of eight gripping accounts in the Azrieli Foundation’s
second series of award-winning Holocaust Survivor Memoirs to be launched this
The compilation – which consists of five new volumes in English and three
in French – is bound together by extraordinary storytelling, heroism and
journeys that brought survivors and their families to Canada. The initial
impetus for the Azrieli Series came from founder David Azrieli’s experience of
working on his own memoir about his ordeals in the Holocaust.