Tel Aviv District Court rejects Treasury’s appeal, reaffirms State appellate committee decision saying survivors held under curfew during World War II eligible for restitution

Vered Luvitch Published: 06.02.09, 18:57 / Israel Money

The Tel Aviv District Court ruled Tuesday that Holocaust survivors who were held under curfew during World War II are entitled to compensation under the Nazi Persecution Disability Act. The decision stands to affect the payments given to thousands of survivors.

In 2008, a State appellate committee ruled that survivors who lived in Bulgaria and Romania from 1941 and on were eligible for stipends despite not having been held in concentration camps.

The Treasury appealed the decision, but the court rule in favor of the subsequent class action suit filed on behalf of over 100 Holocaust survivors from the two east European countries.

Nevertheless, the judges made the restitution eligibility guidelines more strict, saying those petitioning for restitution would have to prove they were subjected to other physical restrictions other than a curfew.