Rabbi Solomon U. Schwartzman passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 4, 2009 at his home in New Haven.
Born in Zagorov, Poland on May 24, 1917 to Yisroel Moshe and Rochl (Bauman) Schwartzman.
Leaves his wife Esther (Fried) and children Shelley Bulman of NYC, Sarah Pollack of Israel, Hayim of Saratoga Springs NY, Jerry of NYC, Judith Ostroff of Israel, as well as 13 loving grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
Rabbi Schwartzman was educated in Warsaw, Poland where he was ordained as a Rabbi. He served in WWII in the Polish army. After the German invasion he was captured but escaped. He left Poland for Lithuania and was one of the people who obtained a visa from Sampo Sugihara to go to Japan. Close to the attack on Pearl Harbor, all foreigners were expelled from Japan and were allowed safe haven in the city of Shanghai (China). Rabbi Schwartzman spent 6 years in Shanghai before emigrating to the USA in 1947.
The members of his family who remained in Poland perished in the Holocaust. The only other family member who survived was his brother, the late Rabbi Mayer Schwartzman of Winnipeg, Canada who left Poland with his family before the war.

Rabbi Schwartzman served as a Rabbi in various U.S. communities for 41 years. During his stay in Spokane WA he was the civilian chaplain for the Air Force serving several bases in the area. After retiring from the rabbinate in 1989, he and his wife moved to New Haven, CT where he was a chaplain at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Funeral service and burial were held in Israel where the family observed shiva.