When asked, the great scholar Hillel summed up the entire Torah on one foot: “V’ahavta Lere’echa Kamocha, you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” adding that the rest is commentary.

In assuming the professional leadership of the Claims Conference, I suggest this modern day adaptation: Every Holocaust victim deserves to live her or his remaining years in dignity, and the rest is commentary.

Currently we are faced with the intolerable situation of 26,000 Holocaust victims worldwide eating their meals in soup kitchens every day. It is painful that 64 years after the Second World War, after the liberation, the heroes of the Jewish people – so many of them – who were in camps, ghettoes, hiding, false identity, partisans, and Jews who fled from Nazi terror, are so impoverished that they can’t afford to buy their own food or, if they do, it is instead of medicine or rent.