If one were to bring the topic of the Holocaust up in everyday conversation, one would probably be met with confusion or anger. Nazi Germany and the events associated with it (notably the death of six million Jews and five million others) are not exactly light. The events are complex, complicated and have questions that may not have answers.
Yet Goucher College offers a course, taught by the venerable and intelligent Uta Larkey, that focuses on literature and film of the Holocaust. The course’s objective is for students to learn the facts about the Holocaust and to then apply what is taught in discussions about literature and film.
According to the syllabus for the course, it’s objectives are as follows: “to deepen our understanding of the historical and political context and the events that led to the Holocaust; to reflect upon the process of remembering and commemorating, forgetting and forgiving; to approach the study of the Holocaust through scholarly works, and the narratives of victims and survivors, authors, filmmakers and artists; to analyze literary works and films; to contemplate the legacy of the Holocaust.”