The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants, the largest and oldest umbrella group of Holocaust Survivors and their descendants in North America, applauds the editors of the Harvard Crimson for pulling the ad placed in their publication by Holocaust denier, Bradley Smith. In it, Smith, founder of the “Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust,” challenged people to prove the identity a single person murdered in Auschwitz.

According to an article in the Crimson, the ad, which was supposed to run for a protracted period of time, was pulled after one printing, as students and other campus groups protested. According to the editors, the ad was inadvertently placed due to miscommunication and lack of oversight. The editors stressed that this was a logistical failure and not one of philosophy.

In a statement issued on September 9, the Gathering’s executive committee said, “At a time when people tend to play fast and loose with facts, The American Gathering commends the staff of the Harvard Crimson for taking responsibility and pulling a cynical ad that challenged the veracity of the Holocaust. In that way, they helped us to ensure that the Holocaust, the most documented event in history, will not be denied.”