In a ruling that Church leaders are calling a serious infringement of
freedom of speech, a Polish judge has accused the Archdiocese of
Katowice and the priest-editor of their Catholic weekly newspaper of
comparing a woman who sought an abortion to the Nazis, and has ordered
them to publish a court-dictated apology.

Judge Ewa Solecka, further, fined the Gosc Niedzielny (Sunday Visitor)
paper $11,000, objecting to comments from editor-in-chief Fr. Marek
Gancarczyk that she deemed offensive, such as his statement that in
seeking to get an abortion, the woman sought to ‘kill’ her child.

Fr. Gancarczyk was writing in an October 2007 editorial about the
European Court for Human Rights’  earlier ‘wrongful birth’ ruling
in favor of Alicja Tysiac.

Ms. Tysiac, who suffers from an eye condition, has become something of
a symbol for the Polish abortion rights movement, following her failed
attempt to abort her third child after she became pregnant in 2000.
Claiming that her condition would be exacerbated by the continuation of
her pregnancy, she sought permission for an abortion.

Poland, which is largely Catholic and pro-life, permits abortion only
in cases of rape, serious handicap in the baby, or serious health risk
to the mother.

In Tysiac’s case, her doctors concluded that, while she was
“significantly disabled,” her condition was not serious enough to
warrant the death of her unborn child.  Thus she was not given
permission for abortion, and the baby was born.

In 2005, Tysiac  took  the Polish government to the European Court.
The court ruled in March 2007 that Poland’s laws resulted in a
‘wrongful birth’, ordering the government to pay her 25,000 Euros in
damages.  The government  appealed  but the decision was  upheld  in
September 2007.

Subsequently, Fr. Gancarczyk published an editorial condemning the
court’s decision.  While he did draw the connection between the
horrors committed by the Nazis and the horror of abortion, he nowhere
compares Ms. Tysiac to the Nazis, but rather compares the judges who
ruled against the Polish government to the Nazis, contrary to Judge
Solecka’s Wednesday determination.

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