My name is Mordechai Kern. My Father Zaida Chaim Pinchus Kern was from Borsa Roumania. His father Yaakov Kern as well as his 3 sisters disappeared in the Holocaust. Yaakov Kern’s father was Mordecai Ichel Kern from Semihail Hungary. My Grandmother Itta Kern was the daughter of Amram Friedenberg from Borsa Roumania. He is buried in Borsa. I was there but I had no luck in finding his Kever

My mother was Faiga Fleischer from Satumare Roumania. Her parents Mordechai and Devorah Fleischer as well as 2 brothers (Yerachmiel and Ezra) were lost in the Holocaust. Her uncle’s family lived in Krive which is presently Ukraine. The uncle died in Krive but the wife and children all were lost in the Holocaust. Any information on these families would be appreciated. My Great Grandfather Smuel Fleischer is buried in Krive. I was there but I had no luck finding his Kever.