Why is it left to the US to confront the Tories on an alliance with those who distort historical truth and defend Nazi collaborators?

by Jonathan Freedland

Today Hillary Clinton has a chance to do what the BBC, most British newspapers and the rest of the political class have singularly failed to do: she can confront the Conservative party over its noxious new alliances in Europe. When she meets William Hague in Washington she can ask him why the Tories now share a Brussels bed with far-right allies most Americans would consider beyond the pale.

As the Guardian reports today, pressure on the issue is building in the US. If only we could say the same here. Not that there’s been a shortage of information on either Michal Kaminski, the Polish politician who leads the new Conservatives and Reformists grouping in which the Tories sit, or its Latvian affiliate, the For Fatherland and Freedom party. We have heard Kaminski first deny, and then admit, that he wore an infamous fascist and antisemitic symbol. We have heard him explain that

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