The exploitation of the Holocaust Survivors

by Solange Lebovitz

a hidden child during the war in Normandy, France, and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa, since 1952.

Their stories to be told,
A must to awaken the conscience
Of new generations,
And shame the perpetrators
Of the twentieth century greatest crimes,
The annihilation of the Jews.
A need to reveal the atrocities
And to pay tribute to the memory
Of those unable to testify.
A warning to the world
Of signs of new hatred,
Enslavement and murder.
Yes, the survivors have been exploited
To promote knowledge of an era,
One would wish to forget.
Their will to live and adapt
To an indifferent and sometimes
Hostile world, have made them susceptible
To seek justice and freedom,
To fight for independence.
They became the last witnesses
Sought by scholars, film-makers, and artists
To expose the barbarism and evil of man,
The goodness of some,
And the incredible fortitude
To survive one more day.