The American Gathering offers condolences to the Pollin family on their loss. The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors was founded at a conference for Holocaust Survivors and their descendants in Washington DC in 1983. Ben Meed, our president, was able to rent Mr. Pollin’s Capital Centre for the opening ceremony on very short notice.

American Gathering Chairman, Roman R. Kent, describes what happened next:

“When the opening ceremonies were over, we wanted to pay our bill, about $150,000, so Ben Meed and I made an appointment to see Mr. Pollin, and we took our wives along. We wanted to thank him for making the site available to us at such short notice, and to express our appreciation for the professionalism and thoughtfulness of his staff.

“We were impressed when Mr. Pollin greeted us not as the owner of the Capital Centre, but as a gracious host. He invited us into his office and offered us refreshments. When we started to write the check, I will never forget how he took the invoice and tore it up in front of us. His words still ring in my ears: