Searching My Father’s Brother, Two Sisters and Two Nieces from Poland

Father’s name: Yitzchak Zev Finkelstein / born Oct.23, 1920 in Germany) Relatives: his brother David Finkelstein (1924) – born Lodz, Poland and went to Russia at age 15 – probably fought in Red army at age 18 (Mother: Leah Finkelstein/Rosenfeld – Father: ShmuelFinkelstein.

His sister Rivka Finkelstein (born 1917 up to 1919?)

His sister: Faiga Finkelstein/Milner (born 1914)

His niece (my first cousin) Rivka Becker (nee Finkelstein) – born Dec.27, 1937 in Lodz also – given to nuns in approximately ’42? (according to family knowledge)

Mother: Shifra Becker/Finkelstein(my father’s oldest sister (born Sept.14, 1911) Father: Mordche Becker (born April 4, 1904)

His niece (my first cousin) Itka Becker (nee Finkelstein) Born: March 31, 1941 Mother: Shifra Becker/Finkelstein Father: Mordche Becker – she also was given over to nuns in’42?

Leah Greenwald (nee Finkelstein/Finn)