by Adam Lynch
October 28, 2009

David Irving is guaranteed to cause a rumble wherever he goes—as he did in Jackson earlier this month after white supremacist Richard Barrett promoted his Oct. 21 presentation at City Hall. The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants describes him as a “Holocaust Denier and anti-Semite,” although Irving himself disagrees with the portrayal.

“A Holocaust denier is a phrase that I’d take legal action against if I could,” Irving said. “… I say quite frequently the Nazis killed likely at least 3 million Jews just in four (concentration) camps, but I’m called a Holocaust denier because I don’t buy the (6 million Jews) story as it is now popular to tell it.”

Irving didn’t get to hawk his version in Jackson, though—he and Barrett publicly split after the Jackson Free Press reported the upcoming visit, his appearances on local radio shows didn’t happen, and then Irving told the JFP that he would appear at an “undisclosed location” in Ridgeland.

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