Houston, Texas, USA – A high school history lesson left one student in tears. The lesson is about the holocaust and part of the assignment is to wear the Star of David. However, one parent said it made her daughter feel it was more like the scarlet letter.

Miriam Youngblood is shocked at the history lesson plan she said is unacceptable. Her daughter, a junior at Dekaney High School told her she is being forced to do something that made her feel uncomfortable.
“(She) had to wear a yellow star of David that said “Jewed” on them like the ones our ancestors had to wear during the Holocaust,” said Miriam Youngblood.

Proud of her Jewish ancestry, her daughter was in tears and her family became upset. Youngblood spent all Tuesday morning calling school administrators. We called too and got in touch with the Spring I.S.D. Director of Communications. We were told the principal was too busy to talk on camera. Instead we were given a written statement:

“The purpose of the Holocaust remembrance project at Dekaney high school is to commemorate and honor the people who were victims of the Holocaust….students who did not want to participate in the activity were to speak to their teacher and they would be given the alternative assignment…”

Youngblood said that’s not true.

“Her instructor told me she had to wear the star as well as do a written assignment,” said Youngblood. “(If she didn’t) she would get a failing grade.”

Youngblood said she understands the teacher wanted to spread awareness about genocide and racism but she feels the lesson plan went too far.

“To make a Jewish student wear a Star of David that was used as a sign that our people were inferior,” said Youngblood. “Is not acceptable.”

Youngblood eventually received a call from the high school’s principal. She apologized to her and her daughter and told her she will not fail the project and doesn’t have to wear the Star of David.