BRITISH diplomats feared wartime Pope Pius XII was not doing enough to speak out against the Holocaust, according to secret documents unearthed by historians. Pius has been a controversial figure in recent weeks after the Vatican announced it had put him on the road to sainthood, despite strong objections from Jewish leaders.
Italian historians unearthed significant documents during research at Britain’s public record office in Kew. In November 1944, the British ambassador to the Holy See, D’Arcy Osborne, wrote a letter to the Foreign Office in London after having a meeting with Pius at the Vatican.

He described how they had discussed the recent massacre of 400,000 Jews in Hungary by the Nazis and he had suggested that perhaps the Pope should “speak out about the mistreatment of Hungarian Jews”. However, the Pope said to him he was “more concerned about the treatment and violence towards the peoples of the Baltic states and Poland at the hands of the Russians.”