Vienna – Vienna’s Jewish community on Wednesday blasted a dog magazine for using yellow stars in a campaign fighting ‘racism’ against attack dogs, and criticized the choice of a Nazi-era symbol.
Authorities in the Austrian capital are currently assessing whether to introduce a special owner’s license for dog breeds that are considered especially dangerous or aggressive, a measure that has incensed many dog owners in Vienna.
Wuff magazine had issued fliers showing two puppies, a labrador retriever and a pit bull terrier. The pit bull bears a yellow star in the shape of the Star of David with the word ‘evil’ on it.
The publishers reacted to the criticism by saying they would replace the star with a red circle in the future.
‘Equating examinations for certain dog breeds with the persecution, torture and murder of millions of people reveals the spirit of those who are responsible for designing and distributing such materials,’ Vienna’s Jewish community said in a statement.
Jews in Hitler’s German Reich and its occupied areas were forced to wear yellow stars with the word ‘Jew’ written on it.