Yad Vashem kicked off a new campaign in which it calls on the public to fill out forms to commemorate the names of Holocaust victims. In the framework of the campaign, Yad Vashem called on the public to participate using the organization’s website, or by having volunteers of the institution arrive directly at people’s homes. According to the organization, less than four million names of Jews who perished in the Holocaust have been collected thus far.

Cynthia Wroclawski, project manager, says it’s time to collect the names of all the victims. “Yad Vashem provides a memorial for Holocaust victims by name, and we strive to reach all the victims’ names and to get as much of their information as possible. Today, there are more than three million names, which means we are missing millions of names. We sent volunteers to homes in order to collect the details, and to collect documents which will be preserved in our laboratories. We also offer to take photographic evidence of the victims and we have many volunteers including those who are appropriate for the ultra-Orthodox public.”

According to Wroclawski, the last operation was more than ten years ago, and she feels that today there are more people who are willing to talk. “Many did not talk about their loved ones because of emotional stress, but we realized that if we send them volunteers who are willing to hear their story, then they open up. We are running this project worldwide.”
She says the operation is for everyone. “The operation is open to anyone who knows or has information about a person who perished in the Holocaust. There are also many referrals from second and third generations, and we handle all referrals.”

To contact the Yad Vashem names campaign, call 1-800-257-777 in Israel, +972-2-644-3808 from abroad, or visit www.yadvashem.org.