Prague, Feb 24 – A check focusing on extremism in the Czech military revealed a soldier who had tattoos of Nazi symbols on his body, the commercial Nova TV reported Wednesday, adding that the man has been accused.

The military commanders have already recommended that the soldier be stripped of his rank and sacked from the army, Jana Ruzickova, spokeswoman for the General Staff, said.

The man had the motto of the SS units, Meine Ehre Heist Treue (My Honour is Loyalty), tattooed on his back. He also wore a necklace with a ring with engraved swastikas.

The check focusing on extremism was ordered some two months ago after it was revealed that two Czech soldiers deployed within the Afghan mission wore helmets with Nazi symbols. Both soldiers were dismissed and their commander was punished.

Last November, another Czech soldier co-founded and trained a neo-Nazi organisation that was preparing terrorist attacks on power plants and kidnappings of “Jews in high posts” and the police.