A Brooklyn judge has vacated an eviction order against a 92-year old holocaust survivor.

Evicted Holocaust survivor Eta Eckstein

Evicted Holocaust survivor Eta Eckstein

That means Eta Eckstein can return to her Bay Parkway apartment as soon as tomorrow.

The great-grandmother got evicted after landlord Morris Piller argued she wasn’t really living in the $600-a-Month rent-controlled apartment.

But Eckstein’s grandsons say she had fallen and was recuperating at a rehab facility.

Both sides are due back in court next month, but for now Eckstein will be allowed to go home.

“A good start overall,” said grandson Amyt Eckstein, referring to what could be a long legal battle.

Under New York City law, a rent-controlled tenant must prove an apartment is his/her primary residence.