SCAPPOOSE, Ore. – The principal of Scappoose High School is cracking down on rude behavior exhibited by his students after a visit from a Holocaust survivor.

New principal Eric Clendenin said he will never forget the day that Alter Weiner came to tell his story to students.

“He said point blank, he’d done this at a couple hundred high schools and this was the worst,” said Clendenin.

Instead of listening to Weiner, some kids preferred texting in the middle of his speech.

“It was sad,” said student Cheyenne Bennett. “I was actually holding back tears I was so angry at our school. … I was just disappointed.”

At an assembly on Monday the situation was much improved. There was no texting in sight. The new rule: if a cell phone is visible during class time it’s confiscated.

“They won’t get it back,” said Clendenin. “A parent has to come and get it.”

Students said they are already noticing a difference.

“I guess we shouldn’t be texting. We should be paying attention,” said Bennett.

Additionally, under the new rules, one swear word will send a student to detention.

“The language I kind of understand,” said student Darone Jacob who was a little upset about the new cell phone policy. “There’s people who don’t want to hear that, like teachers and stuff so it’s kind of a respectful thing.”

Respect is something Clendenin said he wants his 700 students to understand before they graduate.

“I want you to have your education. I want you to have your life skills,” he said about his students. “And life skills would include basic common decency (and) respect for others.”

Clendenin said cell phone technology has become the ‘Wild West’ in schools and there are so many gray areas it’s difficult to know where the lines should be drawn.

He said he hopes the new rules with definite consequences will help students focus on learning.