Apr. 26–QUANTICO, Va- Grainy, black and white video images of concentration camps and Adolf Hitler flashed on the screen at Little Hall Theater at Quantico Marine Corps Base Friday. Marines and civilians in the audience looked on as the story of the Holocaust played out before their eyes. Emaciated human beings, firing squads, yellow stars with the word “Juden,” mixed with the stories of several survivors as the base paused to mark the annual Holocaust Day of Remembrance. After the film, 82-year old Henry Greenbaum made his way to the stage to bring the history the audience had just seen on the screen to life. Greenbaum was born April 1, 1928 in Starachowice, Poland. His father, Nuchem, ran a tailor shop out of the family home while his mother, Gittel, raised Greenbaum and his eight brothers and sisters.