Strakonice, South Bohemia – The Strakonice court has acquitted a soldier who had Nazi symbols tattooed on his back, revealed in a check of extremists in the military. The soldier, Vlastimil Kostenec, 35, was stripped of his rank last March and was dismissed from the military. Kostenec said he had the tattoo made in 2007. He said he chose the slogan “My honour is loyalty” written in Gothic script, which Nazi SS units used, on the Internet without knowing that it is linked with any movement. He said he simply liked it and that he does not consider himself a Nazi or an extremist. During the check last November, the police also found a ring with Nazi symbols that, he said, he got from his father. The check in the military was ordered after it was found that two Czech soldiers in Afghanistan wore SS symbols on their helmets. Both have been dismissed from the military. Their commander was suspended.