The factory in which Oskar Schindler used Jewish slave labor during World War II has been turned into a Holocaust museum.
Poland (JTA) — In January 1994, an American tourist stepped out of a taxi into a cold, drizzling rain and entered the Jarden Jewish Bookshop at the far end of the square in the Jewish quarter of Krakow. He opened a weeks-old copy of The New York Times before bookshop owner Les Zdzislaw.”The man was pointing to photos of sites that were in ‘Schindler’s List’ and demanded to know where they were,” Zdzislaw recalls. “But what he didn’t understand is that the movie had not yet premiered in Europe. We ourselves didn’t know where many of these locations were.”The debut of Spielberg’s film in December 1993 sparked a stunning flood of tourists to Krakow that still continues.