Media bloopers seem to be dominating the early stages of the 2010 World Cup. Last night in Germany though, Katrin Muller-Hohenstein produced the worst faux-pas so far which has caused furore in Deutschland thanks to a completely unnecessary remark about the Nazi party. At half-time of Germany’s 4-0 thrashing of Australia, Muller-Hohenstein picked over the opening goals with former German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn on the ZDF channel. After seeing Miroslav Klose leap above Mark Schwarzer to reach Phillip Lahm’s cross and head in the second, Muller-Hohenstein described it as “innerer Reichsparteitag” which in English translates to “inner Nazi Party”. This phrase has caused much consternation in Germany with the outrage pouring in even as the second half was under way.’Innerer Reichsparteitag’ translates roughly into “I feel as though I had just been to a Nuremberg party gathering.”