While previous generations of Holocaust researchers have focused on the Nazis’ strategic extermination of Europe’s minorities, at Yad Vashem’s summer seminar this week, a new generation of scholars from all over the world are discussing a bottom-up approach to answer the question of who killed the Jews.The workshop, titled “The Persecution and Murder of the Jews: A Grassroots Perspective,” began Monday at Yad Vashem in the capital and will continue for a week. Participants will look at the involvement of local peoples throughout Europe – from the women perpetrators in the fields of Ukraine and Poland to the judges in France – in the killing of approximately 6 million Jews in less than four years. “Hitler did not do it on his own,” Prof. Dan Michman, chief historian of Yad Vashem, said last week. “This was an enormous project that was done in a very short time. How could this happen? It was not just by giving an order.” Although Holocaust experts have been “asking the big questions for years,” contemporary research suggests that strategy has proven insufficient.