In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a large billboard featuring a naked model clad only in a Mickey Mouse mask with a Nazi swastika behind her, has roused the anger of members of the public. An Italian artist, Max Papeschi, created the piece which is called “NaziSexyMouse” and adorns the side of an entire building in order to advertise a newly opened art gallery. A city councilor, Norbert Napieraj, is attempting to take legal action against the poster, referring to Poland’s laws banning the display of the swastika; the 2-storey high picture has also been torn by vandals, but was recently replaced. Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939, prompting the involvement of France and Britain in the war, the country’s capital, Warsaw, endured a siege that is remembered as one of the most deadly of modern times after that of Stalingrad.