A Beersheba man was charged Sunday with spraying ‘Heil Hitler’ on tombstones in cemeteries in the city. Beersheba Magistrate’s Court filed an indictment against Boris Pogosian, aged 31, for the desecration of tombstones and vandalizing local property. Pogosian was accused of spraying swastikas and “Death to Jews” on the graves of Ethiopian immigrants. The two Ethiopian graves belonged to Gabriel Dwait and Malakan Atinsh. The body of Dwait was returned from Lebanon two years ago as part of an exchange deal with Hizbullah. The indictment against Pogosian claims that for the past two years he has made a habit of torching benches and garbage cans at the new Beersheba cemetery. Pogosian is accused of painting on the graves “Patrol 36,” the name of a local neo-Nazi group.