​Federal prosecutors in Seattle have dropped one count of the charges brought against accused Nazi war criminal Peter Egner of Bellevue. He thus is no longer charged with illegally obtaining his U.S. citizenship for failing to follow the principles of the U.S. Constitution. But the U.S. Attorney still plans to take Egner to trial in January on other charges, seeking his extradition to Serbia and a likely war-crimes trial there.The dismissed count had sought revocation of his citizenship because the escorting of prisoners to a death camp, the U.S. said in the original July 2008 indictment, “demonstrates that he was not attached to the principles of the Constitution. Given his lack of attachment, his citizenship must be revoked.” Prosecutors gave no reason for dropping that count last week.He still faces charges for giving false testimony, misrepresenting his past, and lacking good moral character when obtaining his citizenship. But the government has been delayed in preparing its case, which involves an extensive documents hunt. This week, prosecutors, with Egner’s agreement, asked the court for an extension of the trial date and discovery deadlines, stating:The parties therefore request a resetting of trial approximately five weeks later than the current setting and an extension of time in which to complete three depositions and to produce English translations of documents. The parties also seek an extension of time in which to file motions…and briefs.