A book has claimed that Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS, had set up a secret unit in the Dachau concentration camp before the Second World War after becoming convinced that he could turn sand into gold. Gold was vital for the Nazi regime in Germany to use to buy armaments and technology from abroad. The book, Hilter’s Alchemists – The Secret Attempts to manufacture gold in Dachau, by Helmut Werner, claims that Himmler’s personal alchemist, Karl Malchus, convinced the SS chief that he could make the metal.Himmler was inspired about the project after minute nuggets of gold had been found in the rivers and streams of Bavaria. He met with Malchus, who told him that a process involving paraffin, stones and the soil from the bed of the Isar River in Munich “will allow me to produce gold in abundance for the future and security of the Third Reich”, The Telegraph reports.