”If you see someone in distress … what are you going to do?” … Adrianus Vanas, 91, with year 7 students from Canterbury Boys High. Photo: Anthony JohnsonNSW school children are listening to the stories of Holocaust survivors as part of an innovative program to tackle bullying and prejudice in the playground. A travelling exhibition, Courage to Care, uses the experiences of Holocaust survivors and those who helped rescue the persecuted to show how standing up to bullies can make a difference. ”Students from 40 of Sydney’s most disadvantaged schools attended this year’s program.They attended an exhibition of World War II artifacts and hear the testimony of people such as 91-year-old Lena Goldstein, who survived the Warsaw ghetto and a German labour camp before being liberated in 1945.They also heard from those who helped save Jews from persecution. Adrianus Vanas, now 91, helped save 1000 Jews by supplying them with forged papers at a Nazi transit camp in the Netherlands.