When you read this, I will have travelled to within about 200 kilometres of Auschwitz. I will be in Poland for a retrospective of my films at the 10th Era New Horizons festival at Wroclaw. Jean-Luc Godard is being honoured with a huge retrospective. He has been one of my cultural heroes since I saw Breathless as a kid and this promises to be a rare treat.Auschwitz is a sadly resonant word. In fact, Godard once said cinema ended with Auschwitz. It was a low point in human civilisation; just about everything from religion to culture has had to be re-examined since the first newsreels of the murder victims shocked the world. We are still tiptoeing back into the light. I interviewed a survivor, Sam Goldberg, and asked about his experiences inside the extermination camp. Like many Jews he was blue-eyed and blond, therefore “Aryan” to the Nazis, so he was arrested as a Pole and sent to the camp as a worker.