Munich – John Demjanjuk, the Ukraine-born man accused of being an accessory to murder as a Nazi death camp guard, was forced Thursday to show up in a German court after he insisted he was too ill to move.During a heatwave in Germany, Demjanjuk, 90, became dehydrated last week, forcing cancellation of two trial days. Under German law, a trial must be halted and begun all over again if it is interrupted for more than three weeks.To avoid coming close to that limit, presiding judge Ralph Alt ordered Demjanjuk to be brought by ambulance from his remand cell in Munich’s Stadelheim Prison to the courthouse. The next hearing will be on August 3. He entered the courtroom in a hospital bed on wheels and was put onto a stretcher for the duration of the brief hearing. He had earlier declined to go to court although a prison doctor called him fit. He is charged on 27,900 counts, equivalent to the number of Jews killed in the gas chambers while Demjanjuk allegedly worked in 1943 in a guard squad at Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Alt said he was confident the trial could be completed, despite health issues that had several times stopped Demjanjuk attending for several days at a stretch. Germany does not normally try people in absentia.