PARIS (JTA) — A French high school teacher was suspended for spending too much class time on the Holocaust.History teacher Catherine Pederzoli, 58, was suspended for four months after inspectors reported that she spent too much time teaching the Holocaust and organizing school trips to former concentration camps in Poland and the Czech Republic.The district’s general inspection report for the Henri-Loritz public high school in the northeastern French town of Nancy said Pederzoli “lacked obligations for reserve, neutrality, and secularism,” and “exploited students” by “brainwashing.” Her focus on the subject of the Holocaust and planning trips to concentration camps took time away from teaching other subjects, according to the report.Pederzoli’s lawyer, Christine Tadic, filed a complaint Tuesday to block the school district’s decision, and told the French media her client is the victim of anti-Semitism.“Isn’t the fault this teacher committed is that she is Jewish?” Tadic told the French news agency AFP.