It was the film that was supposed to mobilise the German nation to murder the Jews: Jud Suss, a notorious 1940 classic of anti-Semitic propaganda.Now, exactly 70 years after it was first shown in the cinemas of the Third Reich, a new version has been released. It is being booed by preview audiences, blasted by critics and dismissed as a historical distortion. The Central Board of German Jewry has condemned it, saying that it peddles the old anti-Semitic stereotypes. The intent of the new work, Jud Suss – Film Without A Conscience, is naturally quite different. It is not so much a remake as a “making of” film that tries to explain how respectable actors were drawn into the project by the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.”It tells the story of the main actor in Jud Suss, Ferdinand Marian,” said Oskar Roehler, the director. “He is sucked into the manipulative machine of Goebbels, who wants to use the film to kick off a campaign of extermination against the Jews.”