A leading organizer for the anti-HST movement has resigned after making comments in support of neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, according to Bill Vander Zalm, former B.C. premier and leader of the campaign. Al Romanchuk stepped down two days ago, Vander Zalm said, when contacted at home on Sunday. He would not disclose details, but said Romanchuk’s resignation was over comments he made to a newspaper. Romanchuk, an organizer for the MLA recall in Kelowna Lake Country, defended Zundel in an interview Friday with The Vancouver Sun. Romanchuk’s resignation came amid calls from New Democratic Party leader Carole James, who on Sunday asked the leaders of the anti-HST movement to condemn the comments. “To have someone outwardly supporting a notorious Holocaust denier, a convicted Holocaust denier, is deeply offensive,” said James. In the interview, which appeared in a story in Saturday’s Sun, Romanchuk defended Zundel’s position. “My friend Ernst — the bastards crucified him.” he said. “The guy can’t speak his mind in a democracy. What kind of country is this that you can’t speak your mind?” When asked if he thought Zundel had crossed the line, Romanchuk responded: “of course not.”