A convicted Nazi war criminal serving a life sentence for the massacre of hundreds of civilians outside Rome during the Second World War has been allowed out on shopping trips, sparking anger in Italy. Erich Priebke, 97, a former captain in the SS, is serving the sentence under house arrest near Rome for his part in the murder of 335 Jews, partisans and prisoners of war in March 1944 at the Ardeatine Caves, on the outskirts of the city. He was extradited to Italy in 1995 after being found working as a teacher in Argentina. His lawyer confirmed that the former SS officer was given permission to carry out “essential errands” by the same military tribunal in Rome that found him guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to life imprisonment in 1998. He now has to give local police 36 hours’ notice if he wants to leave his home and is accompanied by officers at all times, even in church when he attends Mass.