Argentine Economy Minister Amado Boudou acknowledged “having used an out-of-place metaphor” when comparing two journalists with “those who were in charge of cleaning gas chambers during the Holocaust.” Boudou went to the DAIA Israeli Associations Delegation after the Jewish community raised its voice and complained for his statements.When explaining what he had meant with his comment, Boudou stated that both La Nación’s Martín Kanenguiser and Clarín’s Candelaria de la Sota had published “lies” about him and his administration.Earlier, DAIA head Aldo Donzis stated he was “waiting for the Minister to apologize.” As a response, Boudou acknowledged he “was out-of-place when using the metaphor of the gas chambers.”As a way of deepening his acknowledgement, the minister stated that his speech in Washington was “an informal chat that was performed within the context of the discussion that surrounds the way both Clarín and La Nación newspapers deal with government-related affairs. He added: “Both the journalists had published lies.”Earlier, Donzis said: “I know Boudou apologizes for what he had said, he must know it was a terrible mistake to make,” Donzi stated. The Jewish community showed discontent after Boudou’s statements, for they felt he was disrespecting those who had suffered during the Nazism.