COURTHOUSE — Lincoln University professor Kaukab Siddique has reportedly written virulent anti-semitic propaganda denying Jews were killed in a holocaust during World War II and appears in a video calling for the destruction of Israel. A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to know if Siddique is teaching this perspective to college students in his classrooms. This week, state Sen. Daylin Leach sent a letter to Lincoln University President Ivory V. Nelson asking if the university was aware of the professor’s philosophy when he was hired and later awarded tenure, if the “anti-Semitic diatribes” are part of his college instruction or repeated elsewhere on campus, what steps are being taken to ensure Siddique isn’t teaching students that the Holocaust is a myth and not perpetuating false and derogatory information about people of the Jewish faith. Leach recognizes criticism of the professor must take into account his First Amendment rights. “While he has a right to free speech on his own time, he does not have the right to teach this trash to students in a classroom,” he said.