A woman collecting Germany’s GEZ public broadcasting licence fees in Ulm has reportedly been fined after a dispute with a pub owner escalated and she made racist comments and a Nazi salute. The 54-year-old woman had been working on an hourly basis for commission as a fee collector for when she entered a Munderkingen tavern in the state of Baden-Württemberg late last year. But her encounter with the pub’s Croatian owner quickly turned ugly. “She told the claimant that he was a fee dodger who should wash himself and go back where he came from.” The pub owner, also 54, told the judge in the Ehingen court that he was so surprised that he initially thought he misheard the woman’s statements. The woman became verbally abusive to the restaurant owner. Several witnesses told the court they then saw her give the Nazi salute several times as she walked away. Making the gesture is illegal in Germany. The woman claimed not to know exactly what it meant. “You can’t be serious,” the Judge told the woman.