CARDIFF City Council’s Jewish leader Rodney Berman has told a hearing of his shock at being compared to Nazi stormtroopers following a stormy budget meeting in February last year. An adjudication tribunal this morning heard evidence from the leader of his distress at Labour’s Ralph Cook’s threat to describe the Liberal Democrats-Plaid Cymru council administration as “Nazi stormtroopers” for censoring the opposition by cutting short a debate on the budget. Councillor Cook, 51, maintained he meant no personal or racial insult but he was subsequently reported to the local government ombudsman, which referred the matter to a judicatory panel which is expected to sit for three days at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff. If the panel decides Cook’s remarks breached the code of conduct it could reprimand him; suspend him from duty on the council for 12 months; or bar him from public duty for up to five years.