West Bohemia, Nov 10 (CTK) – A monument to Czech Jewish residents of Marianske Lazne who were persecuted under the Nazi rule during World War Two was unveiled on the 72th anniversary of Kristallnacht. In 1938, a number of synagogues were vandalized, including that in Marianske Lazne. Under the 1938 Munich Agreement, Czechoslovakia was forced to cede the spa town to Nazi Germany. The idea was born in 1997 when sculptor Ludmila Seefried-Matejkova prepared several designs. “In 2003, the idea was revived by architect Pavel Graca who created some designs in the form of tombstones with reliefs,” Bartos said.”The monument has the form of a matzeva (Jewish tombstone) with the silhouette of a demolished synagogue at the front and an inscription in Czech and German, along with a line from psalm 118/17 in Hebrew.” Jews made up a significant part of the town population before the war.