BERLIN – In Germany the president becomes honorary godfather to a family’s seventh child, but proud parents Petra and Marc Mueller’s neo-Nazi sympathies are putting this tradition to the test. President Christian Wulff’s office on Wednesday said that the necessary certificate had been sent to the town hall in the village of Lalendorf in ex-communist eastern Germany, saying that it was the child that counted. “The president has decided to proceed because this is not about the parents but about the newborn baby,” a statement said. “Everyone is called upon to ensure that children grow up in a democratic environment.”But the mayor of the 3,300-strong village in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state, Reinhard Knaack from the far-left Die Linke party, confirmed he is refusing to give the certificate to the parents, he told AFP on Thursday.”In our region we are working very hard against far-right extremists getting a foothold, so we cannot give the parents this honour,” Knaack told the Tageszeitung daily. “The parents are far-right extremists.”