Winnipeg Free Press – The planned new Canadian Museum for Human Rights is under fire from an organization representing German Canadians, which objects to the museum’s plan to single out the Holocaust for a permanent display. “We shouldn’t have a Holocaust exhibit as a permanent exhibit if no one else has one,” said Tony Bergmeier, national president of the German-Canadian Congress. The organization objects to having permanent galleries devoted to the Holocaust and Canada’s aboriginal people when no other human-rights violation or human suffering is receiving a permanent exhibit, Bergmeier said. “I thought it would be an equal opportunity for everybody,” Bergmeier said. “The way it is, (it’s) one type of exhibit for the Holocaust and one for the native people, and separate types of exhibits for the rest of the world. … That’s not the proper way. “The German-Canadian Congress is an umbrella organization of more than 90 German-Canadian clubs, churches and businesses across the country.