MOSCOW — Participants in the international conference “World without Nazism-global task of all mankind,” which opened at the Federation Council (FC) on Friday, urge to pool efforts to combat the Nazi ideology and falsification of history.Welcoming the guests – – statesmen and politicians from different countries of the world, representatives of non-governmental organizations, scientists and experts, Chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov said that the holding of the meeting in the Russian capital “is symbolic since Moscow got the honorary title of hero-city for courage and staunchness of its residents in the fight with the Nazi aggression.”The conference is held at the end of the year when “the 65th anniversary of the events which had a decisive importance for destinies of the world: the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Nuremberg process over Nazi criminals, as well as the foundation of the United Nations Organization,” the speaker said. Stressing that “the victory over Nazism and decisions adopted according to its outcomes became the foundation of the modern world order.”Mironov admitted that “the mercenary attempts to rewrite history, justify the main culprit of the war – – Nazism and its accomplices cause most serious apprehensions.” According to him, the fight with “such actions, which undermine security and global stability, is a unique example of pooling of international efforts for the sake of a common just aim.”