“Tourists coming to Malta shouldn’t be greeted by a picture of the man who murdered six million people,” says a German tourist in a complaint forwarded to the Public Transport Association (ATP).In a formal written complaint to the ATP, where she provided the bus’s registration number, the tourist explained how she boarded the public transport vehicle, only to be faced by memorabilia glorifying Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.In her complaint, the tourist wrote that the bus was decorated with “an Adolf Hitler picture, an Adolf Hitler Pin, and a golden ring with a Nazi swastika.”She informed the authority that she also plans to report the bus driver to the police, as well as to the media.“First I saw the pin depicting Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Swastika – around 3cm large – on his money bag and couldn’t believe it,” the tourists recounted when contacted by Maltatoday.“I sat close to the driver to be sure, and then I saw a big golden ring on his right hand bearing the Nazi swastika symbol,” she said. It was then that she also noticed a black and white post card/picture of the Nazi leader – placed where other drivers usually put up religious pictures.