A new book by the controversial historian and sociologist Jan Tomasz Gross describes how Polish gold-diggers robbed Jewish corpses in the area of the Treblinka Nazi death camp immediately following WW II.A Golden Harvest, which will be in bookstores in Poland in February, could cause as much controversy as Gross’s Neighbors (2001), which described a pogrom by Poles against Jews in the town of Jedwabne. Previously it had been supposed that the Nazis had massacred the Jews.“It seems at first commonplace: a photograph of peasants at harvest time, after work well done, resting contentedly with their tools, behind the fruits of their labor,” reads the publisher’s blurb for the new book by the Polish-American academic. “But when one finally notices that what seemed innocent on first view becomes horrific: the crops scattered in front of the group are skulls and bones. Where are we? Who are the people in the photograph, and what are they doing?“The starting point of Jan Gross’s A Golden Harvest , this haunting photograph in fact depicts a group of peasants-“diggers” atop a mountain of ashes at Treblinka, where some 800,000 Jews were gassed and cremated.“The diggers are hoping to find gold and precious stones that Nazi executioners may have overlooked. The story captured in this grainy black-and-white photograph symbolizes the vast, continent-wide plunder of Jewish wealth.”