Thirty tourists will pay 3100 dollars for an eight-day Face of Evil Tour luxury tour The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. The tour has the approval of the German authorities.Two British historians are selling tickets for a tour of Adolf Hitler’s stamping ground during Germany’s nazi years.British historians Nigel Jones, author of Countdown to Valkyrie, and Roger Moorhouse who wrote Killing Hitler, will lead the Hitler tour.The tour itinerary includes visits to many historical sites associated with the nazi era and specifically with Adolf HItler. They include:- the lakeside villa where plans for the Holocaust were drawn up- the Burgerbraukeller – a beer hall where Hitler plotted his attempt at a coup in 1923- Hitler’s home in the Bavarian Mountain town, Berchtesgaden- Berlin’s Holocaust memorial- the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.- and the place where Hitler finally recognised defeat and committed suicide. Jones and Moorhouse say the tour is being promoted as a study tour and is aimed at ‘tourists’ with a serious interest in nazi history. They also say they intend to check that would-be tour members are not nazi sympathisers or neo-nazi activists.