A new book about the closing days of World War II chronicles how German civilians murdered many concentration camp survivors as they moved through their towns and villages on infamous ‘death marches’ back into the shrinking Reich.The violence shows how even with their nation in ruins, the Allies advancing on all fronts and the war hopeless, ordinary people were so indoctrinated with Nazi hate they were prepared to kill defenceless people in cold blood.’The Death Marches: The Final Phase Of Nazi Genocide,’ by Daniel Blatman, is the first book to research what drove these civilians to acts of savage murder.Some 500,000 prisoners from the concentration camp gulag both within and without Germany were on the move in the first months of 1945. As the Allies advanced, the shocking fate of approximately half of them became all too apparent.Blatman says that in the town of Gardelegen, a town in east-central Germany, U.S. soldiers found hundreds of charred and mangled bodies in a barn in mid-April 1945.’They were the bodies of prisoners from various camps who had been forced inside,’ says the Israeli whose book is published this week and goes on sale in Germany.’It was later discovered that people had volunteered to guard the prisoners, including ordinary civilians, some of them armed with hunting rifles, who mutated into prison guards of their own volitionRead more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1347908/WW2-Holocaust-Even-German-civilians-killed-concentration-camp-survivors.html#ixzz1BNikHPaz