BERLIN — An Austrian “Nazi satire” about a Jewish art dealer who dons the uniform of an SS officer to save himself and his mother from the Holocaust was surprisingly well-received Wednesday at the Berlin film festival. “My Best Enemy” stars one of Germany’s most popular actors, Moritz Bleibtreu, in a comedy that takes daring risks with the harrowing material but was applauded at a packed press screening. “Bleibtreu plays Victor Kaufmann, the scion of wealthy Viennese gallery owners who still believe they can use their influence to escape the Nazi killing machine. But a childhood friend, Rudi Smekal, who grew up in the Kaufmann family villa while his mother worked there as a housekeeper, sees his chance in the rise of the Third Reich.He joins the SS and sells the family out by promising to deliver a priceless Michelangelo drawing in Kaufmann’s possession, which Axis partner Italy is demanding.The Nazis seize the sketch and deport the family but when the time comes for the handover to the Italians, an expert determines the confiscated piece is a forgery.They demand Smekal fetch Kaufmann from a concentration camp and force him to reveal the location of the original. But their plane crashes over Poland and in the ensuing confusion, Kaufmann tricks Smekal into giving him his uniform.When German troops arrive, Kaufmann begins a dangerous game in which he has to play the part of a Nazi to save his own life and that of his mother.